Say hello to everyone you’ve ever known.

Stitched makes you a better recruiter.

Good recruitment is about relationships. Behind every job description and CV, there’s a person with needs, skills and requirements that aren’t always immediately clear.
That’s the value of a great recruiter over a million faceless job sites – you take the time to understand things, and then you bring the right people together.
Stitched cuts through the clutter of LinkedIn and Bullhorn to bring you the information you need to have better conversations, secure more interviews and make more placements.

Find better candidates, faster

There are great candidates lurking in your databases and on professional networking sites, but finding them is way harder than it should be.

First, the data you can see is messy and inconsistent. Two identical candidates could describe themselves totally differently, and you have to account for every variation in a search engine that actively works against you.

Second, there’s a whole bunch of private relationship data that’s largely invisible and hugely valuable. Work history, personal referrals and recommendations, old colleagues, personal hobbies – hiring managers love candidates they’re connected to somehow. And with Stitched, you can make that happen every time.

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Grow your network instantly

People trust you. Over time, you’ve built up a reputation with a close network of colleagues and peers for being reliable, good at problem solving, or just fun to drink with.

Here’s the thing: so has everyone else.

Stitched combines every single little black book in your organisation and visualises them all beautifully in one easily navigable interface. Everyone you know, and everyone you don’t, is mapped out in one networking goldmine, chock-full with people who can vouch for you and connect you to the right people you need to make more placements.

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Make more placements
with less guesswork

It used to take a lot time and research to get up to speed with a new industry.

Stitched helps recruiters learn about new industries and skillsets in order to quickly build credibility and become trusted advisors to everyone they work with.

Say you’ve picked up a new job with technical requirements you’re unfamiliar with.

Stitched can explain what those requirements are, how they relate to other qualifications, and make suggestions to improve your searching.

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What we’re about

Recruitment is important. People spend a huge chunk of their lives at work, and one of the reasons we started Stitched was to help people find fulfilling employment with like-minded colleagues.
With that in mind, we thought it was important to be as open and human as possible from the outset. We’re not a huge, faceless company – we’re Marcus, Felix, Richard, Ian, Michael and Matt.
People are great
Stitched should bring us together
Transparency is great too
We listen carefully & speak honestly
Data drives everything
Data should be made meaningful
Good enough is never good enough
If it’s not useful, don’t build it
Users at the centre
User-orientated design informs every decision
Trust is earned
Respect privacy and demonstrate integrity

“The amount of quality information I get through Stitched means I can call someone I’ve never spoken to before and build a rapport almost instantly.”

Caspian One